Ladies Club Championship Results

Ladies Club Championship Results

December 2014 saw the return of club championships for the ladies of Gardens Lawn Tennis Club. With great excitement and in a howling South Easter, matches commenced. After a week of tight scheduling, Shani van der Merwe once again proved her worth on the tennis court, clinching the title in the final against Coreen van der Merwe. Inge Madden out-played Helen van der Horst to secure her a third place in the championships. Ignette Grobler showed great skill and experience on court, using clever play to beat several of the younger ladies and to grab the fifth spot.

A massive thanks to each and every lady that participated in the draw. It was great to see everyone on court and to let some of that competitive spirit come out. Due to the “luck” of the draw some challenges will no doubt take place in early 2015!  Rules for challenging can be found on our Rankings webpage.

The complete results:

1) Shani van der Merwe

2) Coreen van der Merwe

3) Inge Madden

4) Helen van der Horst

5) Ignette Grobler

6) Louise Engelbrecht

7) Alexa Servante

8) Mishka Grobler

9) Elizma de Swardt

10) Sara Ljubojevic

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  1. shani

    WHOOP WHOOP. Well done to me 🙂