Announcing our 2016 Trophy Winners!

Announcing our 2016 Trophy Winners!

Trophies and prizes were awarded at our club’s annual “Rock ‘n’ Roll” themed party on Saturday 19 November 2016.  Well done to all of this year’s winners!





Newcomer of the year Candi Berg Julian Aranguren
Most improved player Jennifer Allen Chase Emson
Most committed social player Sarah Wilton Adrian Combrink
Most committed league player Maria Tallie Greg Meager &
Ivor Kaye
Player of the year Elizma de Swardt Eckhard Cloete
Team of the year Ladies Singles A – Shani, Elizma, Alexa, Valerie, Mishka & Suzanne
Fan of the season Hermien de Vries Ulrich Kotzenberg
Chairman’s Player of the Year Alexa Servante

Newcomer of the year

She rejoined our club after a 3-year absence – lured back by our social tennis afternoons and no doubt encouraged by Sean! She was soon drafted into our Ladies Doubles Saturday league team and played all but one match this season.  Welcome back to Candi our lady “Newcomer of the year”!

Our men’s newcomer of the year brings some South American flair to our courts. He is a talented player, a great chap off court and a new Dad. But most importantly he has less hair than I do!  Our male “Newcomer of the year” is Julian.

 Most improved player

Her commitment and dedication to improving her game has been relentless with hours spent down on Court 3 with Lance. She attends social and ladies practice regularly but also plays league matches and WP senior tournaments! Our “Most improved lady player” for a second year in a row is Jenni.

This year, he has played for our C team as well as our Double’s team. He has gone from being an impressive presence on court (probably because of his size) to a challenging player with a more consistent style of tennis …. Our “Most improved male player” is Chase.

Most committed social player

She is an inspiration to anyone who wants to seize life by the horns and get the most out of living in Cape Town.  Her tennis has steadily improved over the last year going from being a hard hitting but erratic player to a hard hitting much more consistent player.  She is great to have at social both on and off court and we would also like to thank her for agreeing to take on some of the secretarial role from Alexa. Our “Most committed lady social player” is Sarah.

Social tennis is never quite the same without him (it’s quieter for one thing!)  From the moment, he parks his car, you know he has arrived (often because the car alarm activates!) and his presence on and off court is one of energy and fun. Luckily for all of us, his shot accuracy has improved! He can hold his own with the tougher players and is happy to enter into the spirit of social tennis and help weaker players improve their game. Our “Most committed male social player” is Adrian.

 Most committed league player

She has been a very committed member of our Mixed and Ladies Double’s team for many seasons, coming very close to grabbing the trophy in the last few years…. And this year it is hers! Our “Most committed lady league player” is Maria.

They have been playing every game for our Double’s team this season. Their names are on the score sheet Saturday after Saturday without even teaming-up in doubles …. Our “Most committed male league players” are Greg & Ivor.

Player of the year

She has played a big part in our Ladies Singles A team’s success this year and her tennis, particularly on the back-hand side, has improved considerably. She plays League, takes part in social tennis and, less well known to our members, she participates in WP senior tournaments with great results both in Singles and Mixed. The lady “Player of the year” is Elizma.

Since he joined the club about ten years ago, he has always been contributing in one way or another. His tennis is “rock solid” and stylish. When struck well, his one handed back-hand is almost as “eye pleasing” as Richard Gasquet’s. He is regularly participating in league, social tennis, club champs and the “Balls of steel” challenge. The male “Player of the year” is Eckhard. 

Team of the year

Ladies Singles A – promoted to 1st league: Shani, Valerie, Elizma, Alexa, Suzanne and Mishka

Fan of the Season Award

She is present at every home game no matter the team or the player. Not only does she encourage our players, but she also sets up their snack table, washes their dishes, helps them with bar drinks and prepares and serves tea. Our lady “Fan of the Season” is Hermien.

He is a regular supporter at league matches and social tennis when his fiancé is playing. He even went the extra mile when the Ladies Singles A team were playing an away match and brought a whole picnic of delicious food for the team to keep their energy levels up! Our male “Fan of the Season” goes to Ulrich.

Chairman’s player of the year

Our Chairman’s player of the year is a lady. She is always praised for her commitment and enthusiasm as our club secretary. But I would like to give credit to her tennis abilities which are too often underestimated. Luckily for GLTC, many of her opponents, male and female, have paid the consequences for making this mistake.

Like all great walls she has few cracks, but no real weaknesses and she is always doing her best to make you play the extra shot. Her footwork is more than sound, and if you have had the privilege to play doubles or mixed with her, you would have probably noticed the permanent squeaking of her shoes on court!

During the last four years, we have seen this little (by size) lady improve season after season, winning lots of tough matches while staying gracious on the losing side. The Chairman’s player of the year is Alexa.