Announcing our 2015 Trophy Winners!

Announcing our 2015 Trophy Winners!

Trophies and prizes were awarded at our club’s annual “Out of Africa” themed party on Saturday 28 November.  Well done to all of this year’s winners!




Newcomer of the year Simon Schreuder Valerie Espinosa
Most improved player Valdre van Wyngaard Jennifer Allen
Most committed social player George Harris Suzanne van Zyl
Most committed league player Thomas Pringle Inge Madden
Player of the year Andre Marki Shani van der Mewe
Friendliest player of the year Sarah Wilton
Team of the year Mixed A
Fan of the season award Gretchen Pletschke (Eckhard’s girlfriend)
Chairman’s Player of the Year Paul Hartwig

Newcomer of the year

She joined us in May and comes from Panama (where she used to represent her country in tennis!). She has hit the ground running playing in our ladies A and B team as well as our Thursday morning ladies league helping to secure their 2nd place in the top division. Sadly she can’t be with us tonight as she is on her honeymoon but we are glad that love has brought her to Cape Town and our club. The The lady newcomer of 2015 is Valerie Espinosa.

He officially joined our club in July of this year and has played league as well as social for us. His athletic ability (btw his league warm-up is an 18km run every Saturday morning) to move quickly around the court combined with his technical ability makes him a wonderful tennis player. His gentle and cheerful personality is an asset to our club! The gentleman newcomer of 2015 is Simon Schreuder.

Most improved player

Her progress on court has been great to watch. Her commitment and dedication to improving her game has been relentless with hours spent down on Court 3 with Lance putting her through her paces as well as attending social regularly and playing both doubles and singles league matches. Her enthusiasm in making our club a better place is contagious. The most improved lady of 2015 is Jenni Allen.

He has played for our B mixed and SGL team and has made a big contribution to those teams success. He has gone from being an impressive junior member of our club to give many of our top guys a serious workout on court. His passion for tennis, his technique and his power will certainly make him a A team player very soon…. the most improved man of 2015 is Valdre van Wyngaard.

Most committed social player

She joined us in January and is another wonderful addition to our club both on and off court. Her tennis game has improved rapidly and she is an asset to our ladies singles and doubles teams as well as our social tennis scene. Her net play is especially impressive and it’s great to have her as part of our club! The most committed social player of 2015 is Suzanne van Zyl.

He has been a member at our club for almost a year and has been coming to social tennis regularly as well as working on improving his game with Lance. He still has to reign in some fairly wild shots but the enthusiasm and energy are definitely there – it’s great to have him as a member – The most committed social player of 2015 is George Harris.

Most committed league player

She has been a very committed member of our Mixed and Ladies SGL A teams despite nursing an injury. In a season when it has been tough to field 3 ladies teams every week, she has made herself available to play, even leaving her Saturday morning study course early on league days to get to the courts on time. The most committed league player of 2015 is Inge Madden – Thanks for your dedication and support of our club.

He has been playing every game for our Mixed and SGL Men B teams. His name is on the score sheet Saturday after Saturday and this without even needing a phone call/ sms/ WhatsApp to confirm availability … He has a feared reputation at the net, and his footwork on and off courts (especially after a few drinks) is legendary…. The most committed league player of 2015 is Thomas Pringle.

Player of the year

Part of WPT’s daily bread is to record the results of every player in leagues and tournaments. From those records, WPT calculate a rating index which takes into account the league, the opposition, the % wins, singles, doubles or mixed. This system is called the ORACLE rating and has been running for the last ten years with 1254 players rated.

This year we have decided to use the combined ORACLE rating for singles, doubles and mixed to determine the player of the year.

Our lady with the highest rating (btw she has the highest rating in all 3 categories), is Shani van der Merwe – Shani not only have you proved your worth on the tennis court, but in addition your contributions to the club in many different aspects (for example our wonderful website which helps to attract new members) are a great asset.

Our man with the highest rating (he has the highest rating in doubles and mixed and 2nd highest in singles only 3 pts behind Ken – sorry I had to mention this!) is Andre Marki (not at the party as he has other family commitments) – Andre we thank you for being such a loyal member of our club!

Friendliest player of the year formerly the social drinker of the year

Due to a combination of factors (Charlie, Willem and Paul are not that often at the club, committee members are the only ones with access to the bar key, and our men have caught the train and embarked on a health kick!) we felt that the drinking of our members was not worth silverware…So this year instead we have decided to award the Friendliest player of the year.
This award goes to a relative newcomer to the club, returning to her home country after working overseas. She has got involved in all aspects of the club playing social and league tennis and it’s great to have her friendly face and cheerful personality around the place. The friendliest player of 2015 is Sarah Wilton.

Team of the year

Mixed A promoted to premier league: Shani, Coreen, Helen, Inge, Mishka, Andre, Justin, Lance, Ren, Eckhard & Erick

Fan of the Season

Although there is no actual trophy for this award we would like to reward and thank this person for coming out week after week to give unstinting support at league matches – a truly long-suffering and nail-biting experience! So this bottle of wine is to say thank you to Gretchen Pletschke for hours spent supporting Eckhard and his team each Saturday!

Chairman’s player of the year

He might have a very suspect serve and not such a high rating ….. Nevertheless his fairness and good manners on and off court are inspiring. I have never seen him raise his voice, swear, make a bad call or smash a racket. He has been a committed member for 10 years and as Treasurer of our club keeps a tight grip on our accounts. We have had the privilege to see him grow both as a player and as a man and he certainly knows how to smoke a double-handed back-hand …. The Chairman’s player for 2015 is Paul Hartwig.

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